Let the writing speak for itself.

Greetings!  I'd like to keep it simple and quickly direct you to my writing, though please check out below some of the praise I've gotten for my horror script.  

Most of my scripts can be done on low budgets and are dark, original, striking, sly, and ambitious.  Coming in 2020: a Marx Bros-inspired comedy, Poppycock.

Key Works

These are mostly screenplays that have been covered and revised multiple times; while my novel is awaiting professional editing, it still kicks ass.

All available upon request.

Death's Brother

A tech guru's constant dreams of murdering his beloved family and a homicidal internet cult are pushing him to the edge of sanity. 

Check out the opening pages.

Martin and Sira

Death claimed half of her soul when she was a child, he must murder her for her to be whole again, while his messianic student stirs dark forces. 

Check out the opening pages.

Juni-Q and the Secrecy of Desire (novel)

Stuck in a rut, Juni-Q joins her enigmatic best friend on his billionaire boyfriend's yacht for a psychedelic Spring Break where a mysterious guest prompts dark secrets, universal truths, and untold possibilities to emerge.  

First 75 pages here.

Damon's Inquiry (PART ONE OF A TRILOGY)

An unnatural murder leads to a strange friendship between the victim's brother and the demonic killer, who is being reluctantly pulled into a cabal of other demons with a mission to corrupt humanity. 

Check out the opening pages.


 Discovering that his long-lost mother ended up in porn, an angry young man plays angel and devil in pursuit of the truth, vengeance, and social prestige. 

Check out the opening pages.  

Earl Halson has Come Undone

 A professor's dark qualities manifest dangerously as his aging mind deteriorates. 

Check out the opening pages.


Writing is free, but editing, book covers, screenplay competitions, etc. aren't.  Nothing expected, everything appreciated.

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